Tactical upskilling

for coders and

tech leaders 

Coders  - learn Python and the latest data science tools, starting from any level.

Tech leaders - training for new and old hires through realistic mini-projects.


Upskilling in Python, AI, and data science libraries saves hiring costs for your organization's digital transformation.

Easy and intuitive interface for beginners to get you coding right from the start.


Detailed personalized progress tracking to help you learn as smoothly as possible.

Improve as a developer beyond simple right/wrong answers to write quality code.

An open-ended universe of real-world exercises and use cases at all levels

Bring the skills to deploy real world value creation into your teams, for less.

Advanced use cases and scenarios in:

  • data analysis for marketers and sales analytics

  • FMCG industry point of sale data analysis

  • time series forecasting for quants 

  • telecom consumer behaviour prediction

  • data science for managers - understand which tool is right for your goals

Rocket for education

free tier of basic content

1000s of interactive exercises in basic Python, with easy interfaces.

Revisit the same content with increasing freedom to code, starting with multiple choice and dropdown questions, all the way to writing your own advanced programs and algorithms.

Beginner materials available at reduced cost for all educational institutions. Just get in touch with us for a free demo and trial at partnerships@python-upskilling.com.

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