Specialist Training

Flexible Time | 2 Weeks Approx | Learn Specialist Topics

1-to-1 online Python classes and mentoring with real experts on a flexible schedule. Nightly classes for upskilling in specialist Python topics.


Development For Data Science

Training in software development for data science using Python.

Learn pip, git, conda, venv and many more data science essential python tools.

Tool Chain

NLP Using Spacy and NLTK

Training in modern NLP topics using python.

Learn to create fast,
parallelized efficient code for industrial NLP solutions.


Devops For Data Science

Training in the state of the art methods for deploying your models.

Kubernetes, Docker, Celery and MySQL integration training.



Rapid Upskilling


You are assigned a personal mentor to give your one-to-one evening classes flexible times, typically nightly. This is always an experienced data scientist with a Ph.D. and many years of industrial experience.

This mentor will guide you through all the exercise notebooks and challenge problems. They are also available for quick questions between classes  on slack along side our qualified TAs.

You also join our learners and alumni community through our private slack channels and bi-weekly group video catch up calls. Help is available whenever you get stuck. 

Pricing Structure

Flexible Options Available

All payment options correspond to:

  • 10 1-to-1 2 hr sessions (20 hrs)

  • Learners community membership

  • Permanent access to all materials (even if you cancel)

  • 10 Jupyter exercise notebooks with solutions

  • $2000 per course

Pay per course up front.

  • $3000 per course

If taken in groups of two. Saving of $1000.

How to Book

We can help you understand your teams upskilling needs

In a free consultation video call​ one of our mentors consult with you to understand:

  • Your teams upskilling goals

  • The courses and training we offer

  • Which options are best for your organization